Adaptability in Motherhood and Marketing

May 06, 2021

Adaptability in motherhood is certainly a key determining factor in the overall success and a large part of the experience of motherhood. Adaptability is defined as the quality of being able to adjust to new conditions. It is often interchanged with the terms resilience or growth mindset and the ability to be adaptable is correlated with success in all avenues of life.

 A mother is required to adapt to many situations of parenting. For one, each phase of a child’s life requires rethinking how to parent at that particular stage. If you stay stagnant in parenting, you may fall behind and miss opportunities to have a real impact on your child’s development. In addition, any mother who has more than one child can tell you that your parenting style needs to adapt to each unique child to be most effective.

Parental adaptability is the ability of parents to modify or adapt their behavior in response to their child. This can take a lot of practice and, while mothers may not always respond perfectly, the fact that they are making an attempt and evolving is what matters most.

In an article written by Keith Keating and posted by the Association of Talent Development (ATD), they wrote about the three traits of adaptable leaders. ( Since mothers are most often the leaders of their household, these traits are important as mothers move through their day. ATD listed having flexible thinking or an elastic cognitive approach as the first trait, followed by planning ahead and knowing that different solutions may be required to reach the end goal, and last, being curious and making continuous learning a priority. They go on to say that having an adaptable mindset may not come naturally to all, but with practice and intention, adaptability can be developed. These practices can be put into action in motherhood and in business.

The same quality of adaptability that we find mothers are required to apply on a daily basis is also one of the most important qualities to look for when selecting a marketing team. Over the long term, you need a company that can adapt to ever-changing customer behaviors, new technologies, and market conditions. Over the short term, you need a company that can be flexible when a project or campaign may need to change direction or react quickly to time constraints.

At NeoSol, we continue to adapt to and for the brands that we partner with. We know that in this ever-changing world, we must constantly keep up with the updated goals of our brands. In some ways, you may say that we are the mother and that the brands we represent are our children. We know that in order for them to succeed we must continuously adapt to new technologies, and new consumer marketing tactics, and provide them with new opportunities to expand and reach a broader audience. How is your brand adapting to the ever-changing market?

This article was written by Kimberly Howard