An Inside Look into a LIVE, PLAY, SHOP Summer with NeoSol

Aug 08, 2022

Have you made the best use of your brand’s marketing budget and marketing efforts over the summer months in the 3rd quarter? Does your brand have a marketing strategy that is driven by data to understand how, when, and where your customers want to interact with your brand? 

Check out these examples of how team NeoSol has been engaging consumers where they LIVE with our digital marketing services, where they PLAY using guerilla marketing, mobile billboard, experiential events, and out-of-home marketing, and where they SHOP with in-store demonstrations, sampling, and merchandising.


This summer we have been engaging Cerveza Superior consumers through our digital marketing services. The handcrafted solution for Cerveza Superior includes:

  • A social media management plan
  • Thoughtfully planned Facebook PPC Ads
  • A weekly E-mail campaign to a targeted list of consumers driving sales and engagement
  • Unique and consumer-specific content creation
  • Contests and engaging content to create a true online community

The data and results for the Superior Cerveza digital strategy speak for themselves! For the month of July, every single Facebook post had an above-average engagement rate with many posts at 10x over the average engagement rate, AND check out these month-over-month Facebook page growth #’s! 

With the average Facebook page growth rate between 1% - 2%, a whopping 418% growth rate does not just happen by accident. This speaks directly to the strategy, leveraging the data available, and understanding the consumer.

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Our Brand Ambassadors have been in California handing out Yakult samples to consumers at Angel's Games in Anaheim creating a memorable experiential experience by sharing details of the brand and even having a mascot present for fun photo opportunities.

To learn more about our summer with Yakult click here.

And in Texas, our SueroX guerilla marketing campaign and mobile billboard services have been a great hit! Our Brand Ambassadors have been building brand awareness by spreading the word and creating excitement around the products. With stops at gyms, parks, malls, shopping centers, gas stations, and fun local events, the SueroX van is hard to miss.

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In-Store Demonstrations are going strong at grocery stores throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona this summer as we continue to partner with brands such as Goya, Ducal, and Mazeca. Our Product Demonstrators have been preparing food samples, introducing new products, answering questions, and verifying product inventory.

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It has been a busy summer with our brand partners to build, nurture, and grow their consumers and we are excited to contribute to the awareness and market share growth of these brands!

This article was written by Angelica De La Rocha