Anniversaries and Reflecting on Resiliency: How Brand Equity & Teamwork has allowed NeoSol to Celebrate their 16th Year in Business

Aug 30, 2021

As things seem to be getting back to normal, we sat down to reflect on our almost missed 16th anniversary and how many businesses have closed and how many more have opened. The most surprising of all is how these new businesses seem to be successful in a short period of time as they bring with them new energy of innovation and resilience that screams “I’m here to stay”.

During the last 16 years that NeoSol has been in business, we’ve been through our fair share of adaptability through changes in health department regulations and costs, insurance, and hiring regulations, and of course the natural changes in the market conditions, competitors, client’s needs and changes in the grocery industry, which historically has been our main playing field. All of these changes are nothing compared to what Covid required from us and everyone in the marketing and event industries. 

While we were ready with an IT and communications cloud-based system that included videoconferencing and were familiar with its use of it, adapting to working remotely with a hyper-flexible schedule to support our team members and clients, was quite the challenge. Maintaining morale and client satisfaction under these circumstances tested all my communication skills and motivated me to deep dive into arenas like leadership, coaching, and full-on digital marketing certification. 

In a way, these are all operational challenges that any business owner has to deal with at any given time, however, the strength to come ahead against all odds and restrictive market conditions are sustained in mainly two things:

  1. Brand Equity
  2. Teamwork

NeoSol’s Brand Equity has been the result of years of consistent messaging and brand image. This image and company reputation has been deliberately nurtured to communicate trust, honesty, and reliability. After a year of limited, very limited communication with clients and contacts that have been part of our history, we are able to get back to business almost as if nothing has happened because of that brand equity.  

As far as teamwork, I can honestly and truthfully say that none of this would have been possible without a committed and united team. Throughout the years, many people have left part of their hearts and minds that have helped us stay strong and able to continue. And our current team, which was formed during the pandemic, is so amazing that their working remotely seems so natural and effective, I can’t believe we didn’t try it before.

For all small business owners out there, I’d like you to evaluate the value of your brand, how your employees understand it, and how it’s being communicated to clients.  

For all the marketing and sales managers, thank you for trusting us with your brand and product reputation. Rest assured we know how to nurture your brand and our commitment to hand-crafting the best solution for your brand, will always be at the forefront of everything we do.

This article was written by Ilyana Benson