CEO Spotlight: Moving from data-driven to AI-driven?

May 25, 2023

The new buzzword is AI, isn’t it? And many might feel left behind or anxious about how to utilize it. We just started getting used to data mining and analytics, and AI took us by surprise. But did it really sneak up on us in the last few months, and does it mean we must run to reevaluate everything?

It depends on where you stand and where you’re going, in my opinion.

From a marketing perspective, it’s all about the consumer. How is your target market buying, connecting, and consuming content? Each segment is different and needs a unique strategy to connect with them.  How does AI influence or help us with this tried and true marketing concept?

Can AI write your next blog post, make it SEO-friendly, and save time? I’m positive that it can, but can it connect in a culturally relevant way that builds a relationship with a Hispanic consumer?  

Maybe someday, but not now, and most likely not anytime soon. Even if possible, would you want to save time having a machine connecting with your consumer?

As a marketer, the fun of this job is understanding consumer behavior, figuring out how a group will react to an offer, activation, or a post, and betting my name on an idea is what marketing is about.

Although many agencies and companies will try to take advantage of this technology, I’m trusting my Hispanic tribe will be able to see through AI-written content vs content written by a beating heart and connect accordingly. Because even though it is fun to be a marketer, the success of a campaign depends on understanding and connecting with consumers at all levels through the many channels where they interact with the product. While AI offers automation and may streamline some efforts, our most powerful tool, besides understanding where and how to reach the target consumers, is still data and analytics, which provides us with timely ROI feedback and the ability to execute immediate adjustments to improve campaign results.