CEO Spotlight: Using our History to Shape our Vision for 2023 and Beyond

Feb 20, 2023

I founded NeoSol Marketing when I identified a void in the Hispanic marketing and promotions arena.  There were no professional services offered to reach the Hispanic Market properly in 2004.

I emigrated from Mexico City in 2000 with a job transfer within a Japanese transnational company as a "Business Planner for Latin America," which allowed me to feel and understand the various cultures and traditions in Latin America. This company was an excellent school for values like quality, excellence, and determination. These values, combined with my entrepreneurial upbringing, are the bases of NeoSol. 

The Covid-19 pandemic allowed me to forage deeply in our roots and the marketplace. Despite causing 50% of our competition to close down, I learned that having a vision and a differentiating service offering wasn't enough; confidence and a great team are key.

At the closing of 2022, the mission of NeoSol is, in essence, the same as the last few years, and our vision has been refined to emphasize the importance of our team and our place in the marketplace. We are a unique marketing agency that offers integrated campaigns with online and offline tools for Consumer Product Goods, we specialize in the Hispanic Market. Some of our clients are brands like Goya, Maseca, Cerveza Superior, and Yakult. Brands that are very well-known in the Hispanic community.   

We deliver the most effective marketing campaigns combining strategy, planning, and execution with new metrics adapting to current trends and needs. At the forefront of our campaigns is the deep understanding and respect we have for the Hispanic consumer, which enables us to help brands establish meaningful, long-lasting connections with consumers that increase the value of the business.

NeoSol is a minority and women-owned company and is the best marketing agency for women to work through a culture of commitment to excellence, a visionary approach, collaboration, communication, and work-life balance.

Our value proposition solves critical pain points that marketing managers and owners face when introducing new products to new markets. These pain points are around measuring ROI and other marketing metrics effectively and efficiently. It is easy to have metrics on digital marketing initiatives but is not as easy or common to have metrics for offline or field activations.  Our new integrated marketing dashboard provides all main metrics to help manage marketing campaigns, driving them to success.

With a new Project Management tool and automated workflows that increase productivity and help implement the culture of metrics that supports our client's campaign dashboard, by strengthening our operations department and by adding a sales representative to help manage incoming inquiries, 2023 is the foundation for future sustained growth to position NeoSol as the leading marketing agency in the Hispanic Market.

This post was written by Ilyana Benson