Getting Reacquainted with the NeoSol Staff – Highlighting the women on our team

Mar 09, 2022

We love to see women lift each other up and push each other to achieve greatness. It is easy to find inspiration from amazing and strong women in everyday life and the same can be said about the women that we have on the NeoSol team. Surrounding ourselves with women who are goal oriented and have the capacity to work together to achieve a common goal is what makes our team special. That is why, in celebration of women’s history month, we are highlighting the women in the NeoSol team. 

Ilyana founded NeoSol in 2003. Aside from her love of marketing and ability to see things from the perspective of the consumer, she is a great problem solver so even when things seem impossible, you can count on her to always find a solution. This is helpful with logistics but also when trying to do what’s best for the client. Ilyana began her career at a Japanese company. She was trained to see the little things from a marketing perspective to the thin or thicker lines in an excel spreadsheet. One of her positions as a business developer for the Latin American market, allowed her to travel and get to know in-depth the differences between each country. Today, understanding the differences between a Guatemalan, Salvadorean, Mexican or Mexican-American consumer is one of the things she enjoys the most about what we do.

Ever since she was a teenager, she has admired successful entrepreneur women, who showed her that it is possible to run a business and enjoy a family. Definitely not easy, but possible. Her most recent inspiration comes from her almost 80-year old neighbor, a cancer survivor, who is very much active in the community and still runs her business. She mostly admires her independence and love for life. Ilyana is also inspired by many of our demonstrators and merchandisers as they are not afraid of the work, they are working for a better future for their families, and they are “mujeres luchonas” that never give up. Many are able to move onto better opportunities and when they do and graduate into the next pay grade, it makes her very happy to see them live the American Dream. These women are very inspiring!

Yesi has been with NeoSol since 2018. She began her journey with us as a Brand Ambassador where she supported us in many different events and activations for various clients. Due to her work ethic, ability to always find a solution to any obstacle, and never-ending positive attitude, Yesi was always one of the first Brand Ambassadors that we would contact for any new event. In 2021 she took on the opportunity to transition to the marketing department. Her biggest strengths are her people skills and her ability to remain patient even in the most difficult situations. As of today, one of the many women that inspire her is Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez. She is someone who she admires dearly because she is a hard-working intelligent Latina who works to help the Hispanic community that she is a part of. She inspires Yesi to be a confident, kind woman, and crush all her goals.

Kim is our Marketing Project & Account Manager. She has been with NeoSol for one year and brings her experience managing events for over 15 years, as well as her experience implementing marketing plans in education for over 3 years. She is passionate about utilizing her background in psychology to truly understand the consumer and know how best to speak with them by showing how a product or service can provide the solution they are looking for.

Her strengths lie in her organization and leadership skills. She has the ability to complete large complex projects from start to finish and to put together the right team to accomplish each project. She takes inspiration from Catherine the Great, the last ruling empress of Russia. She was a woman from history who had much resilience and stayed focused on her goal no matter what obstacle came her way. She was also great at understanding what her strengths were, while also acknowledging what her weaknesses were and forming a team of individuals who filled in the gaps of her weaknesses. Kim strives to use this inspiration to work towards being agile and practice resilience in all she does, as well as work, to surround herself with individuals who can complement her strengths and that she can learn from each day. 

Lady has been with NeoSol for six years. She brings her commitment, fellowship, empathy, perseverance, and discipline to the team as she tackles her responsibilities within her role as the Finance and Administration Manager. Lady is a Colombian who came to the United States as an adult. She wants the best for herself and her family, strives to serve as an example to her children to achieve the goals they set for themselves, and likes to travel with her family to experience new places, cultures, and people and thus expand their horizons. Her biggest role model is her mother who was loving, strong, had a fighter personality and has been the main person in whom she has drawn inspiration to grow professionally in order to not repeat her history. Her mother always put her children first without really thinking about herself. In the end when her children grew up and left, she suffered a lot and this was damaging to her health. So it is for this reason that every day Lady takes the best possible care of her family while also working and studying in order to grow professionally.

Angelica has over 13 years of experience in retail sales and employee development. She was first recruited in 2018 as a Brand Ambassador to work with NeoSol. After her first event with us, she transitioned into the Field Operations Manager position where she remained until 2020. She returned in 2021 and is now our Marketing Coordinator. She is passionate about creating content that truly helps, inspires, and resonates with consumers. Her biggest strengths are her organizational skills and her ability to drive performance to achieve goals and deadlines. Armed with a go-getter attitude, she is able to take initiative, execute tasks and solve problems by using her analytical, creative, and critical-thinking skills. Her biggest inspiration is Mexican feminist icon and artist Frida Kahlo not only because of her ability to push social norms, but also for the resilience, perseverance, and strength that she demonstrated her entire life. Frida has taught her that you can overcome anything that life throws your way and to always be herself. 

To find out more about NeoSol and what it is that we do, make sure you visit the “Our Approach” section of our website.

This article was written by Angelica De La Rocha