Iconic Mexican Beer Brand Introduced to US Market with Highly Above Average Engagement Rates on Social Media, Using Brand Strategy & Positioning

Nov 18, 2021

When the largest independent beer distributor in the US, US Beverage, approached NeoSol six months ago to put together a marketing strategy to introduce Superior Cerveza to the US market they were looking for an agency that was “nimble, hungry, and aggressive”. 

We knew right away that our agency’s strengths of creativity, flexibility, and diligence would make a perfect partnership with this brand. http://www.unitedstatesbeverage.com/brands/superior-2/

The iconic brand with 125 years in the Mexican market was ready to bring this traditional beer to the US market with the following objectives.


  • To launch the Social Media initiative for Cerveza Superior in the US
  • To communicate that Cerveza Superior is now available in the US market
  • To establish positioning and strategy for the brand following brand guidelines


  • Effectively reaching and engaging people who are aware and have tried Superior in Mexico. 
  • Using Southern California as a test market, which is small enough for a national pilot but also a large enough market to create a movement.
  • Introducing a product to a highly competitive market with limited resources.
  • Unknown response from consumers. Have they forgotten about Superior? Will they switch from what they are currently drinking?
  • Faithfully follow brand pillars and execute in the US market, while communicating them in a relevant way.


  • Based on the values and value proposition of the brand we created the brand book for the US market. In other words, the Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy and positioning for Superior. This is truly the foundation of the success of the brand on social media.
  • Established pillars for social media, beginning with Facebook as the initial platform, which included traditions, celebrating 125 anniversary, etc. 
  • Facebook was created to socialize and exchange ideas, and share opinions, likes, and dislikes which is why the main measure of success is engagement. So, what did we do? We invited people to participate with campaigns like, “Share why your dad is the best”, “Share your Mexican mariachi grito”, and posts that encourage engagement & participation. https://www.facebook.com/cervezasuperiorUSA/
  • We established a VIP group on Facebook, which provided a space to hear comments and allow fans to express their thoughts and true feelings. 
  • Geographical phase strategy for the launching of Facebook

RESULTS: They speak for themselves!

  • 500 Facebook Followers in the first 3 weeks
  • Average Engagement Ratio of 5%. Industry-standard is 1%
  • Growth followers of 15% to 20% per month
  • Sold out stores in SoCal and NoCal
  • The results and success of the digital strategy helped to expand and support distribution initiatives in key markets.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Superior Cerveza as they strategically expand to additional markets through engagement and brand loyalty from their target consumers!

This article was written by Ilyana Benson