Implement George Washington’s tactics to Bring Victory to your Brand Campaigns

Feb 06, 2023

Just in the same way that, after every battle, George Washington collected and analyzed the information available about the condition of his own troops, the British army plans, resources and position, and the terrain and situational conditions for, in the end, winning the War of Independence, your every marketing step must have the same data gathering and analysis to keep your conquest of KPIs moving forward in every campaign.

The assumptions based on “gut” feelings must stand down to make way for the quantifiable facts for your Integrated Marketing plan. As strategists do, every time you face your customer, in this case, with brand activations based on an educated guess, you will gain terrain in the of “that is what I know to be true”. Big difference!

Here are some practices that the NeoSol team implements during and after running campaigns to gather information on relevant KPIs:

  1. Surveys to include consumer feedback in field marketing activations or in-store demonstrations.
  2. Tracking of quantitative data for consumer purchases and product features preferences.
  3. Reports with the analysis of the performance in different locations.
  4. Monitoring of metrics in dashboards of social media in real-time.
  5. Evaluation of results in different channels for integrated digital marketing plans.

According to the current marketing trends, gathering, analyzing, and applying data, allows you to:

  1.  Learn more about how to gain your target loyalty and deepen your audience's understanding, which improves market strategies to reach them every time.
  2. Anticipate future responses to your strategies. With information, you can predict future trends in your consumer base.
  3. Find the right way to engage. This means making a better selection of channels to engage your customer right where they LIVE, SHOP & PLAY.
  4. What makes the most effective impression to gain loyalty, or in marketing terms: to improve the customer experience for your audience.

For every campaign, you can expect these results. But remember never to lose sight of the core element to define what information to gather: your campaign objective.

It might be to reach a new audience, grow an existing one, expand geographically, or to start using a new channel or social media platform. The objective dictates the selection of the KPIs to measure and observe, as well as the experience to aim for in every activation.

Are you ready to win your marketing battles with the information gathered in every campaign?