NeoSol Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month!

Sep 24, 2021

NeoSol has a long history of working with Hispanic brands including new brands just entering the market, brands looking to get in front of US Hispanic consumers, and Hispanic brands who want to expand to the US general market. 

During this time of Hispanic Heritage month, we truly enjoy partnering with our clients to celebrate all of the Hispanic traditions including music, food, dancing, and decorations.

As the Hispanic US population inches closer to 20% of the total US population, the influence of Hispanic Americans on the culture of the US is undeniable. Hispanic food and traditional style clothing from Mexico and other Latin American countries are now infused into the everyday lives of the general American public. What American has not celebrated taco Tuesday or served guacamole at an American Football game party? The influences of culture are weaved throughout the US with Hispanic music and art being a part of each American household.

Our team has enjoyed partnering with brands this month such as Chobani and SueroX, who have celebrated Hispanic culture in the US, by collaborating with other organizations to share some of these traditions.

Chobani has teamed up with Super King markets for a fantastic giveaway. NeoSol took an integral role in promoting the Chobani brand and a giveaway in Super King markets with demonstrators, a fun, festive-themed table display, and shirts showcasing the partnership. This absolutely places Chobani in front of the Hispanic consumer and is a great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month.

We have also been partnering with SueroX on a full omnichannel ten-city campaign including Out of Home Marketing, Guerilla Marketing, Experiential Marketing, and Social Media Marketing to promote their hydration beverage to US consumers. As a result, they have seen an immediate increase in sales in the markets we have held activations in so far. 

One of these markets was the Los Angeles market, where among many other events, SueroX took part in a Fiestas Patrias event put on, in partnership, with QueBuena LA (a local radio station). There was Mexican music, food, & dancing. All of the influences of Hispanic culture could be seen at this event and this was a great opportunity for SueroX and our team to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month.

NeoSol will continue to celebrate and appreciate the influence that Hispanic culture has had in the US throughout the next month. We are continuously grateful to be able to partner with so many Hispanic brands and play a small role in contributing to the development of Hispanic culture here in the US!

This article was written by Kimberly Howard