Strategies That Will Help Your Brand Reach 3 of the Top Marketing Goals

Nov 07, 2022

While a marketing campaign can have many different goals, from introducing a new product to increasing sales or brand awareness, having clear written goals is vital for formulating a successful marketing strategy to achieve them. In fact, those who set written goals for their marketing initiatives are 33% more successful in achieving their goals than those who don't. 

Here are 3 examples of common marketing goals and the specific actions and/or tools that help you achieve those goals. 

Increase Consumer Engagement

  • Use your Consumer Persona: Creating content tailored around your Consumer Persona ensures that your message will resonate with your audience and will increase the likelihood that your consumer will share, comment, or like your content.

  • Include CTAs: When putting out social media content, invite your audience to join in the conversation, share their thoughts, or save and like your posts. 

  • Be consistent: Having a consistent content strategy can make all the difference in how your consumers respond. Stay consistent in your message, in engaging back with your audience, and in how often you put out new content.

Reach more Consumers

  • Meet your consumers where they LIVE, PLAY & SHOP: Both in the digital world and in the real world, brands should focus on reaching their target consumers where they are most likely to be. Digitally, this can look like focusing on certain social media pages or targeting consumers via an email strategy. In person, this can look like performing brand activations at specifically targeted stores or events.

  • Use FB Ads: If your audience is on Facebook, choosing to target consumers via FB ads can be a viable option for your brand since you can customize the behaviors and demographics to reach more of your target audience and even make changes in real-time if you aren’t getting the results you that you want. 

  • Include Lead Magnets: Create free digital items that your consumers would want to have. When your consumers click on the link for the free item, they will be asked to enter their names and emails into a form to receive the freebie. This will allow you to have their information for re-targeting.

Increase Website Traffic

  • SEO Strategy: Use keywords that your consumers would search for both on your website and in your blog posts. Ensure that your website is user-friendly and you have systems in place that are able to collect your consumer’s information for re-targeting. 

  • Start a Blog: Share your blog via emails and on social media so that your consumers visit your website to read the blog. From there, you can add links to other blog posts that you have created and a link for your consumers to visit your website’s home page.  

  • Link your Website: Make sure your consumers can always easily find your website. This means having your website link in all social media pages and inviting consumers to visit your website via social media posts and through emails and newsletters that you send out.

Why is an integrated marketing strategy important? 

An integrated marketing strategy is a strategy that delivers a consistent message through all the marketing channels that your brand uses. It is a more effective strategy as you reach consumers at various moments of their shopping journey. For example, a consumer that is new to the brand and is shopping at a grocery store receives a free product sample so they decide to visit the brand’s Instagram page where they follow a link to read the newest blog post and sign up to receive a freebie. This consumer has now helped the brand increase its engagement by clicking on the blog post, helped the brand reach new consumers by trying the sample and helped the brand increase its website traffic. This consumer was able to do all of these things because this brand had an integrated marketing strategy in place that gave the consumer a consistent experience and message in all channels. This approach allows brands to reach multiple goals at once, with the same consumers and through re-targeting consumers. 

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This article was written by Angelica De La Rocha