Supporting the Hispanic Female Community with the Los Altos Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Oct 24, 2022

This October, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, NeoSol partnered with Los Altos to bring to life a campaign that placed the health and well-being of women as a top priority.

Los Altos makes authentic Mexican cheeses and values the culture and traditions within the Hispanic community, especially surrounding food. This company knows that for many Hispanic families the kitchen is the heart of the home and many practices, values, and recipes are passed down to the younger generations. Placing a value on family unity and health, Los Altos launched a campaign to provide free mammogram services to women in California, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona communities. 

This multi-faceted campaign ran throughout the month of October in 15 cities for a total of 27 activations. We promised to smooth out logistical issues by managing the project, providing exceptional execution and implementing digital elements to help improve the consumer experience when they schedule, during their visit and when calling or interacting with the brand (online and real-world).

Landing Page

To assist Los Alto’s consumers and members of the community to easily access information about breast cancer awareness, obtain the schedule of where we would be next, and make an appointment, a website was created.

Consumers were able to access the website through links available on Los Altos social media pages and also had the ability to scan a QR code found on all Los Altos pink products throughout stores and on social media that would take them to the website. 

Call Center

In an effort to make sure all appointments were filled providing as many mammograms as possible, a “1-800” number was created for consumers to be able to call and ask questions or if they needed assistance with making an appointment. Our staff was able to communicate with consumers in a professional, compassionate and empathetic manner while also listening to their stories, providing needed information, and assisting with booking appointments.

Brand Activation

The “activations” took place in parking lots of various Hispanic grocery stores where consumers were greeted at a booth set up with branded equipment, promotional materials, and brand ambassadors wearing branded uniforms. Consumers were guided through the registration and check-in process, had their questions answered, and were assisted in making appointments if they did not already have one. The mammograms were provided on a mobile unit with partnering mammogram providers. Our brand ambassadors managed the waiting list, escorted consumers to receive their exams, and handed consumers a bag with promotional items and information to take home. 

This was a true partnership that in the end provided the opportunity for a free mammogram screening to over 1,000 women who may not have otherwise had an opportunity like this. Our team is honored to have been a part of such an impactful campaign.

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This article was written by Angelica De La Rocha